Braceface Fangface-Title Page

Retro on Aug. 14, 2010

Hola and welcome to the start of the comic. Name RichieD., known as Retro (or Retro7) in some circles and I'll be your artist/author through this craziness of a webcomic. As you can see this is a fancomic for the animated Canadian series, Braceface. If your not familar with the show, you can look it up on Youtube. There a good number of episodes from the three seasons on there.

Now why did I make a fancomic for that. Well I like the character and I am also a horror buff particularly when it comes to vampires. And there really a lot of character I would like to see vamped on the show. So I thought I combine the two for just a silly horror romp. So yeah just take all of this with a grain of salt neh. That said I hope you enjoy the comic and please feel free to comment. Thanks and happy reading.