Reason for departure

Black Madness on May 9, 2009

Hey guys!!! It's been like 6 or 5 months since I last came up here! Oh my god, I actually forgot about DrunkDuck :O! Anyway, I haven't uploaded because.. well.. I wanted a break… And it looks like I've been out a little tooo long. I realized I still had a comic on DrunkDuck when my brother told yesterday, “Hey Brak, when are you going to start on Brakzar again?”. At that moment I was all like “Oh damn! I forgot about that! I got to get started on it!”.
Good news is that Brakzar is coming back, this time for fucking real! No more laziness for me, I've overcomed that mess. I also got fresh new ideas and jokes for Brakzar.
The not so good news is that I probably won't upload my other comic “Robot Bandits” anymore. I might every once in a while, but I'm more focused on Brakzar. I mean, who doesn't like comedy??
Ok right now, I still haven't made any new pages yet, though I only have jokes in my head, I still have to convert those jokes into comics. Now, as for the uploads, once I get started on Brakzar, I'll upload like three pages a weeks or so. Maybe more..
Ok, so the next upload would probably be, mmmm maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.. I'll let you all know when that time comes.
Oh and I'll answer any question that you might have for me about my disappearance.
Peace and I'm glad that I'm back at DrunkDuck! :D