Broken Wings Bk 1 Cover

jazkitty on March 11, 2008

YAY! I'm so excited to finally start getting this up. I'm really going to try to get it updated twice a week.
It's a manga so it will be in B/W except for the cover, chap. title pgs and some intermission pages. It's read left to right ‘cos unfortunately I’m not japanese.
I kinda live in my own little world when I'm writing this, so maybe what I draw or write only makes sense to me, therefore I welcome comments, suggestions and ideas. However, please be nice about it, this is my baby we're talking about here, and besides being rude or mean is pointless ‘cos I’ll just ignore you.
Oh, I suck at grammar and spelling too so if you catch anything let me know. Thanks! And Thanks so much for reading it!!!