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ar_yuki on May 16, 2010

Hello, my kindred!!!

The Sacred Code is back! Well, long time since the last page…28.
Fortunately, you can row back and read the chapter 01.

As you can see, the quality in art decreased a little, I think because h!ro did not touch the pencils for a loooong time…

The baby give us a lot of work, and write scripts and draw then are pretty hard! But you will notice that the art will increase in few pages at chapter 02. Hope you enjoy it.

This chapter is alomst at the end…chpater 02 is more dark and sad, but I think that you are going to love it…I swear!

The updates will remain at Mondays…once per week, so see you next Monday…
Special thanks to my Inner Circle: Almost Famous, Jilly Foo, cda and Scribe Drizz…love you folks!

Monsters don`t exist…