Season finale.

dpat57 on March 11, 2018

Colonel Brass, Lieutenant Titanium, Captain Gold, Valkyrie Three. I figured I'd be able to tell this story arc in 25 pages, so 26 isn't so far out. Thanks for reading, those who did!

Previously on Captain Gold and the Robotrons: O.R.E.'s assault on the Robotron base hidden inside the automatic lighthouse was not exactly a success. Robotron inventor Professor Zürdich and the traitorous Captain Copper escaped, the former aboard a stealth submarine, the latter aboard a space rocket launched from the lighthouse. A fleet of armed speedboats piloted by Robotrons fought a rearguard action and brought down Valkyrie Two's fighter jet. Captain Silver was killed in action. While all this was going on, Robotrons disguised as O.R.E. agents Captain Zinc and Captain Tin infiltrated O.R.E. Headquarters. The doppelgangers were neutralized, although not before they delivered a chilling message: they were wearing human skins, not synthetically grown flesh.
And now the conclusion to this season's storyline….

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