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Aurora Borealis on Jan. 31, 2010


First, few words on the overall concept.

I noticed that a lot of my ideas have ended up being fairly short scripts (good thing too, as the last thing I want is another damned 300-500 epic in works, heh) and came up with an idea of using one webcomic to share all these. Sort of an online one author anthology I guess.

You'll find here stories of various type. Some funny, some sad. Some purely fictional, others based on real life (thus me selecting genres as fantasy & real life), in various art styles.

Our first story is Planet Adam, originally created for a somewhat failed anthology of various drunkduck creators (most people did not finish their stories and in the end the guy organizing the whole thing had to pull back due to some other problems).

You can find the print edition of this story in Moon Jade Angel #1 (link on right in the “buy my books!” section), together with two other stories and 30 or so pages of digital art.

Update schedule:
I'll try to keep this thing running two pages a week. I could do more, but I'm expecting to be working on larger things too, so I don't want this to fall behind and go on hiatus or anything.

Next page, February 4th.