Part 1 - Cover

DRose on May 3, 2007

Well here we go. I'm actually very nervous about doing this story for various reasons. I've never done a story that was intentionally a romance before and I'm wondering if I'm any good at it. Also I haven't got much in the way of a plot for this story yet, I usually don't have much when I write but this time I have even less than usual.

I've decided to set the story in a Catholic School because I went to Catholic School from K-12. This isn't really meant as my personal opinion on religion and spirituality (though I'm sure the topics will come up) so if those topics make you uncomfortable you have been warned. Also sex is a definite in this story (not over the top or anything) I am sure of that much. I feel the need to bring these topics up now so I can tell the story without worrying about them later.

Phew…well if anyone still feels like reading this story after all that please come and check on it. The plan is to update every friday. Hope you enjoy the story.