PinkDiapers on Jan. 27, 2008

Okay so my computer crashed, like epic total destruction of everything I hold dear, my school work gone, files were lost, lives were ruined. it sucked really hard, and continues to do so. I've finally got this thing up and running again (it's my only window to the world.) so this is all I have to offer you guys for now. I know I haven't been a very gracious hostess as of late but, any new readers I want to welcome you to CW and I really hope you enjoy the comic, to all my steady readers (if your still out there) I hope to be bringing you a steady stream of new pages in the near future. I bought a scanner, which I can now use which rocks so that's one less step for me. I'm going to do my best to get back in the game, but I can't promise mainly because every-time I promise I something terrrrrribbbblle happens. So no more of that. If your just aching for now work though I did some super fast photoshopy pic at my other comic, which will be updating for the next 8 days or so with those. I can't apologize enough for the delay, and I hope all you folk will still come around once in a wile.

Thanks everyone.