#1 - Grand Opening

Steve the Squirrel on March 16, 2009

A long time ago (three maybe four years) I started on this sight with a sonic the hedgehog sprite comic. Some readers of my other strip StarFox: Hunter's Journal may remember it. I gave it up about two years ago. Both because I could no longer stand looking at the early strips (I was still new to sprite comics then) and because I was tired of have one sonic comic out of 800000000000000000000000
Now I've come to miss it. Instead of reposting the of strips I've decided to launch this comic, featuring the Chaotix as the central characters. I hope both you and I come to love it.

Much thanks need to be given here too:

Thanks too:

Background headquaters - bghq,com
Iorn Kirby for the pixel art used in the title banner
Zack “zin” fur, Alanna and Cylent Nite for the sprites.
Sonic Team of creating these characters in the first place so I can make fun of them here.