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Where we've got to: The two large red insectoids who found Crowbar in the jungle (where he impacted after falling from orbit) have brought the robot inside the ziggurat via an interdimensional portal generated by a friendly creature who might or might not be called Bubbles. The insectoids explain they have brought Crowbar here to analyze him, other robots have been attacking the insectoids and also humans within the ziggurat….

Also, in another part of the ziggurat, Mikey has met Doctor Maylor and MacFintree, who are aware that several members of the scientific expedition to planet Noota are missing, as are some robots, and unusual things have been happening. Maylor assumed Mikey was a servitor due to his size and appearance, MacFintree says this is impossible, but both are bewildered by Mikey's knowledge of the ziggurat….

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