Ring a bell?

dpat57 on Feb. 27, 2018

Mikey, Dr. Honey Elderberry, The Stone Man, The Watcher in the Walls, God Mikey, He Who Must Not Be Named. And lots of alternative reality Mikeys.

Where we've got to: The Watcher in the Walls* and Evil Mikey** have been fooled by the monstrous He Who Must Not Be Named*** who has used them to facilitate his escape from prison planet Noota to Time Patrol Headquarters in the year 60K via a spacetime bridge that ought to be impossible. Mikey is surrounded and held by duplicate copies of himself gathered from various alternative reality bubbles, who have been fiddled with and made into mindless servants. The alien monster is bringing its hench-things across the bridge and things are looking bleak, but just then Doctor Honey Elderberry contacts Mikey telepathically….
* a simulcrum representing the alien prison ziggurat's flawed IT supervisor.
** a god-like version of Mikey from some desolate evil future.
*** this name sounded 'way cool back in 2008.

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Characters and locations designed in SketchUp
Snapshots taken using Screenhunter 6
Dialogue and effects added using Paint.NET
Fonts by Blambot.com