Culture Shock
#872 The Viking Returns

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#872 The Viking Returns


Hi, everybody.  I had a lot of stuff happen.

While still adjusting to having a baby, I had complications with my job that required me to start doing a lot of contract work.  This work kept me pretty busy, and at a certain point I just needed to find a new full-time job.  And I did!  The new job pays well and is going fine, but for the last stretch of time I've been doing that job while still trying to finish all the contract work I committed to.

In the middle of this, my website got hacked and I had to repair and restructure it, which is why it looks a bit different (hopefully better).

But right now, most of my contract work is starting to finish up, and my child is reaching a more manageable age.  I hate to have left the comic for so long, and I apologize for it.  But I know I need to finish the comic.  It's getting pretty close.  I don't know if I'll be back to full speed right away, but I'm going to try to maintain my momentum.

I you're a reader who has waited for the comic's return, then I thank you for coming back.  I'll do my best to make it worth it for you.


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