ViXXXen Force Creature Design: Tenta-Creature

darkace on June 10, 2015

Hello everyone!
For everyone that's been following ViXXXen Force, I would like to extend my gratidude and appreciation for your continued support.  For new fans and followers not familiar with my series, welcome and please hop on over and check out ViXXXen Force here on the Duck!  Warning: ViXXXen Force is an Adults Only series.  It contains graphic sex and violence.
CREATURE DESIGN:  One of the things I enjoy with VF is that I get to design characters and creatures that are out of this world.  First up–The Ero-Zeiyan Tenta-Creature!  (Ero-Zeiyans are evil alien invaders on VF!) It is a spider-like creature with a humanoid torso.  From its armour and details, it is a higher level creature than the average alien that will be seen on future pages of VF.  Well, what do you guys and ladies think?
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