darkace on June 19, 2015

 Hello everyone and welcome to Darkace Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!
For those of you familiar with my comic series “Vixxxen Force” here on the Duck, this is the place where you will find pin-ups of the girls of ViXXXen Force in swimsuit pictorials.  For new fans and readers, please head on over and read ViXXXen Force, but be warned, VF is an Adults Only series. 
First up on Darkace Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is Alexa Blaze aka Fullburn.  She is a cheerleader by day, superheroine and leader of ViXXXen Force by night.  Here, she is sporting a Verullian inspired red bikini!  The backdrop is from one of the moons of Verull Prime.  ENJOY!
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