Death P0rn
***Act I: Page 1 - "Another Day In Paradise"

Author notes

***Act I: Page 1 - "Another Day In Paradise"

El Cid

This is the mammoth comic, I guess it's more a graphic novel, that I'm currently working on. I'd like to post the updates here as I make them, but I guess that means I have to (yikes!) post all of the pages I've already done first, so I'd better get started.

***WARNING: This is a graphic horror story, and as such it contains a lot of pretty gross and objectionable stuff. If you're squeamish, or a prude, or an easily offended touchy-feely type, or if you have any taste and decency whatsoever, then this probably is not for you. Do NOT go to the next page. Run for the hills, NOW!


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