Kikaru on Aug. 5, 2007

Don't take what Marke says seriously. I think this comic was influenced very heavly by Futurama, thus the strangly random humor. Seriously, half that script was made up as I looked at the final art.

And speaking of the final art….what the crap happened to it?! o.O First I forget to draw the design on the cover, and then there's that finger! Seriously, whats up with that second panel? I'm good at drawing fingers, but I just wnet overboard with Marke's finger there. Makes people hopefull that I'll draw better! XD

So anyway, I'm going on a short retreat, where I will hopefully kill any artist's block I have. Or just spend the whole trip playing video games. I hope the latter doesn't happen…but seeing as how both my grandpa and my uncle are gamers…;-;