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legacyhero on June 10, 2012

Double Feature Comics#0 on sale now!
Buy it here.
Double Feature Comics is a joint publishing venture between Elektrika Studios and Legacy Brand Comics, Inc.
Each issue will feature two individual stories starring a character from each publisher.
Feature One- (Written and Illustrated by Eric Lamont):
While attempting to stop a museum robbery, Blue Bug stumbles upon an even greater threat!
Plus, a bonus 4-page Blue Bug origin!
Feature Two- (Written and Illustrated by David G. Hernandez):
troubled police officer examines his past, and explores the events that
transformed him into the dark protector known as Pharaoh!

Feature Comics No.0 (vol.1) TM and © BLUE BUG is TM and © Legacy Brand
Comics, Inc. PHARAOH is TM and © Elektrika Studios.. All rights