Drunk Duck Awards 2023
Best Background Art presented by Genejoke

Author notes

Best Background Art presented by Genejoke


Congratulations to Interstellar Battle Girls

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This presentation was made by Genejoke

Critics’ Acclaim

The amount of work that goes into combining physical sets, photos and figures is impressive. Especially as it pulls the reader into the pulpy B movie setting really well.

I wanna give it to Interstellar Battle Girls for being able to establish so well as it does that this is a B-moviesque. surreal sci-fi setting with the photographic medium it's using. Yes, it looks like a set, that's because it is. But ISBG manages to blur the lines between a set and setting enough for you to buy it, and I think that is incredibly impressive.

Niccea Note: Welcome to the main event of the 2023 Drunk Duck Awards. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this year possible. This event is nothing without the participation of the community, so if you come up with a quick extra to shows behind the scenes antics or an acceptance/concession speech, please send it my way, and I will get it added into the comic for the world to see.


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