The Big Example

Bittenbymonk on April 9, 2008

So, TOP TRUMPS. Basically a card game played by comparing each card's stats. So, here we go, simply save this page and put a picture of your (yes your) character in the entailed picture space and fill in the card's various statistics, and of course a description of your character. Then upload it to a popular image site such as deviantart or photobucket or even to your own comic and send me the link in a “personal quack” then before ya know it, your character will be adorning the face of a proud top trumps card.
There ARE some rules however:

- NO SPRITES. I mean this, they aren't technically YOUR characters, unless they're custom made in which case I will make special exceptions.
- Please people, try and keep the graphic violence to a minimum in character pics, and no nudity… shame on you!
-be reasonable with stats. If you overpower the character then what's the point? I reserve the right to tweak character statistics.
-make it look pretty. that means readable fonts, try and stick to comic sans, if you don't make it readable, then I will. also, watch grammar and punctuation.
- No more than one character per comic please. or if you insist, then submit the cards a long time after one another.
- don't change the statistics name or format of the card, otherwise I just wont post it up.

That should just about cover it. so, draw hard, submit hard and play hard with DrunkDuck TOP TRUMPS! oh, and also link me to the characters comic, if nothing else it's a free plug right?