Dying to Live

Now this is the end...

Author notes

Now this is the end...


Happy Halloween. What do you have planned? As for me, I'm having an Ernest Borgnine horror fest with my mom. Yep, nothing but REALLY BAD 70s horror with Ernest Borgnine. I forgot the title of one of them, but it's got William Shatner, and I think Borgnine plays satan in it…

The new comic is coming along really nicely. I'm actually going to put detailed backgrounds in it (well…as detailed as I'll personally ever get.) This is my last author's comment for awhile anywhere (obviously…since I won't be posting pages for a comic until the new one is up.) So for my readers who only like horror (or hate fantasy comics) I guess this is good-bye. For the others who will have the pleasure of reading my upcoming epic, 'Trolling Around', I can't wait to see you there!


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