Chapter 03, page 11 Lara just disconnected!

Udyr on Feb. 12, 2018

What has happened:
Lara has been convinced to go “double-agent” on an expedition to find an artifact by the name ‘Nashara’, lead by her hubby Blaze, without really having that much clue what is going on. Meanwhile Celia, Blaze's kid, has taken the job to watch over her during the trip and apparantly has some knowlegde of Nashara, seemingly wanting to use it for other purposes involving her father Ashana, who died of a heart attack when she was 5 years old.

Sidenote: One of the issues with these webcomic things is that since i cant update everything at once there will always be odd dialogue out somewhere going on on the next page, like here, but this is Blaze rambling to Celia in case someone wonder. It will be more clear next page.