Holly Would

Abt_Nihil on Feb. 4, 2008

This is probably the oldest drawing I am ever going to submit on the ‘net. Heavily influenced by WB’s Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs I developed some anthropomorphic characters for a cartoon/comic series (which sadly never was made). This kangaroo and his platypus friend would have been the main characters in a Hollywood-like setting. I believe there was a movie by Ralph Bakshi which plays off the “Holly would” pun as well. That's probably the reason why this comic wasn't made… I just couldn't do that to the Bakshi guy.

Pencil on DIN A4 paper, August 1994. I was 13 then.

Stick around to see me post more ancient stuff & shorts I can't post anywhere else!


Okay you two, I promise to go find a drawing which is absolutely horrendous and embarrassing, all right? In case I die from all the dust it's YOUR fault! Thanks, anyway :-) I had some expertise in drawing anthropomorphic animals when I was 13, that's why this drawing is not a horribly disaster. I've been drawing Carl Bark's ducks ever since I was able to hold a pen!