Gilgamesh unleashes it all. Brandon is cornered. Is this really it?!

Ketiou on May 6, 2009

Can you believe it? Me neither! You can rejoice Shaun, Elementas has risen from the grave. But that doesn't mean its a zombie. Lolz
So I have gotten carried away with life and facebook and enjoying it all and forgot about my beautiful comic here! But now thanks to Shauns lovely and wonderful comment, it motivated and inspired me to bring life back to this comic. Cause I love it so much and I (really) want to get out of this arc but I have a nicely planned way to do it, so it its properly given its time to smooth out plot holes and all. Gilgamesh unleashes his final attack. Is this the end for Brandon? *You can cut the tension with a knife. And the cheese. Haha XD"