Character Concept: Moochy The Alien

randomlogic on Feb. 27, 2006

I recently dug up an old comic that i had doodled together years ago when i should have been paying attention in high school chemistry. The drawings and artwork were horrific, even by my standards. But the storyline (I use the word ‘storyline’ loosely) still made me laugh, sort of a random, completely absurd kind of thing.
So I figure, as a side project, why not just completely redo the artwork and post it on drunk duck.

I'm gonna try a completely differnt style than my other comic, Random Logic. Going to try and stray away from the ‘I Don’t Know How To Draw' style. It'll be a learning experince.

Anyways here a one of the character, Moochy The Alien. Theres the old crappy, crappy original, circa 2000, and the new and improve verision. And when real life gives me the time, i'll get around to redoing the art and post it up here.