Issue #1 Page 7 - Down the hold

Author notes

Issue #1 Page 7 - Down the hold


A confused man wakes up wet and strained up in his bathing shorts in the cargo hold of the P.L.U.N.G.E Palooka, surrounded by Biomorphs who won't talk to him. And the reason why is just about to come down the hold to check the commotion.

So this update showed up the week after I said it would and there's a reason for that. After like three and a half year of struggling with the question:

"how can I make and keep the creating and posting process as fast as possible?"

I've come up with an answer:

"I can't, and I don't even care anymore"

I have now decided to finally accept my limits and in fact slow down my updating schedule to one that jives better with my needs, that is from a weekly update to a biweekly update, without any specification on which of the comics are gonna be updated next.

So every odd week from now on there will be an update of any of the comics I got running now, anyone that I'm feeling for at the time. By doing this I'm hoping to avoid hiatuses in the future (there've been to many of them already I feel) giving me enough rest in between updates and some free time to catch up with the writing and other projects I got goin' on.

Truth is I've never been good with schedules and probably never will be and this feels like the best thing I can do with that. Also I feel like it will help me come to terms with what this really is and always has been. A hobby. A very enthusiastic and expansive hobby, but still a hobby. And hobbies are supposed to be more fun then work, don't they?

That's all for now. Til' next time;)


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