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Ummy on Aug. 8, 2007

XD; I needed to alter the title of my previous project and revise the plot. No more changing this time, I promise!

es·o·ter·i·ca: 1. things understood by or meant for a select few

Four men comprise the paranormal detective agency titled Esoterica.

Airus, Ceyx, Olly, and Johannes are shocked to find that their next case requires a rather odd disguise. They must pretend to be a…new hit band?!

At least they can tour the country in style.

Their song must reach the locations of a certain dwelling spirit in order to call it once and for all. Before time runs out, the group will try to track down the demon who has put an unfair hourglass on their years to live. In this race between life and death, they must balance both the paparazzi and their duty as ghost hunters. Struggles with love and the remnants of their histories also threaten this journey to the past.