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LostPriestess on Oct. 25, 2006

This will get done. I will not die in the process of getting the degree. I will not die in the process of drawing the comic. And I will update; and I will gradutate. Thus is my mantra (and work fits in there somewhere, but the current job sucks, so we won't talk about it) . Anyways, I try. Dosen't always work, but I try. I get lazy between pages.
I don't know how often I"ve promised to be regular with updates. I should probably stop trying.
BUt anyways, here it is, I'll try to get it up and running, and I hope everyone liks it.

Oddly enough, I although I no longer have any intentions of being a professional artist; I still welcome the same criticism I did when I plannned to be. I might have decided I'm forever an ammature artist, but that dosen't mean that I want to be a mediocre one. I'm all about the C&C. It might not change this particular page, but it helps in the future, waht do you think?

Peace out, and I hope you like it!