Mage wars. It's like a war only with mages.

Shade on Dec. 27, 2008

Okay once again, you have a heart attack over the update I am not liable. For full details see the last set of author notes. Also we now have comic page 48 so we're a hop, skip and a jump from 50 well actually that's three things we're only two away… so is that a hop, skip or a skip, jump or maybe possibly a hop, jump?

Well then, there's not much to say here except.

No not Tellah! Why!?

Oh wait… getting a little ahead of myself there. I mean, Yay it's Tellah the grouchy slightly forgetful, stats reducing on level up, back magic slinging, white magic curing, Sage!

I think we've almost met all the cast now, just Yang and the twins, so about two more people. Yes that's right the twins only count as one person.

So here we find out Tellah is a wee bit absent minded caused by senility, but he has his moments of clarity and he could probably kick your ass with magic, when he remembers his spells that is.

Anyways, so continues Cedric's epic journey to places he has to go because people say so! Oh and Rosa's sick, so yeah that's important too. I'm thinking we'll catch up with our old pal Edward in the next issue as you may remember he was assembling his guards last we saw him, then maybe some time with Golbez and Kain. But we'll see how it turns out.