Chapter 20, page 05

mlai on Dec. 6, 2017

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art by edbang, story by mlai and justnopoint.

This is the last page I drew using my Fujitsu. I planned it out and drew the “pencils” using the Fujitsu and “inked” it using my Lenovo Yoga book, which I use today.

I was pretty happy to move off the Linux setup because the software tools were limited and my Fujitsu was breaking down, even freezing often, forcing me to redraw pages. I no longer wanted to invest on the aging machine and as fate would have it, I was blessed enough to acquire a yoga book.

I started off with art rage, but did not like the ruler tool, which is pretty much the only reason I bought Clip Studio… and I do not regret it. The ruler tool alone is worth the application because it is amazing, especially the ruler that makes curves. Love it.

Drawn using fujitsu t4310 and mypaint, finished in Yoga Book and Clip Studio Paint Pro