kingv on March 7, 2009

Been quite a while since i made a new page. If you couldn't tell this comic as well as my other one Hikari were on hiatus. I wasn't motivated very much to make new pages but i promised myself that i'd try to get back in the comic making groove in ‘09. Last year was pretty hectic with holding down a full time job as well as working on some big freelance projects. When i had down time it was mostly spent sleeping.

But I think the little break i took helped to revitalize my creative juices. Just comparing this page to the last one i can see the improvements. This comic isn’t dead or anything like that. Updates may be very slow at times but i'm still working on it. If you haven't heard from me in a few months and none of my other comics/art galleries have updated then you can worry.^_^

Thanks for hanging in there guys.