08-17: Knock It Off

iagojester on Feb. 24, 2014

I thought I had uploaded this, but then I remembered that “The Duck” had been down when I finished this.    
The following has nothing to do with the story of this comic:
Actually, I was just starting to get back into drawing Fated Feather again when Drunk Duck lost its drunk and passed out completely.  Then I tried to load some things on Smack Jeeves- but don't you know they have a limit?  What a drag.  On top of all that I moved into a house- and that house has no internet- and work got Craaaaazy as it usually does during the holidays, so I didn't even notice I didn't have the internet at home (thanks to smart phones), and theeeeen this afternoon I thought, “Hey!  I should draw some Fated Feather.”  And so I came to the most excellent Stella's Coffee Haus on Pearl Street and stole their internet to read through some archives and upload this comic.   
The following has nothing to do with personal life:
If I had more time- I would draw a whole comic devoted to relationship between Kaanis and Raivyn.  What mysteries must lurk beneath?  There are things I would like to tell you about these two, Dear Reader, that I cannot for fear of the amount of time I would have to take to do it justice.  Their characters began as side pieces -pawns in the game of chess in which Hawke and Wolfe were the King and Queen, and they have become so much more.  The more dirtied the main characters become with their sins, the more these two shine.  I have learned much about them over the past decade, but there are some things I still don't know.  Would Kaanis defect for Raivyn since Raivyn clearly won't defect for him?  Will they come together in the end?  The truth is, Reader- I know how this story ends, but I don't know if it will end that way when the time comes.  With each passing year, it gets harder and harder to see things the way my 18 year old self saw things.  I draw these comics for myself, and I pretend that people still read them with the months and months of pause between the updates, and the vast amounts of incredible comics that are coming out these days that put this one to shame.  So, I must be writing this rant for myself more than for anyone else.  =)