Feral Ignition: Page 23

GigaLeo on Aug. 11, 2009

Dun dun duuuuunnnn!
And with that ends “Issue #1” of Feral Ignition, thanks to everyone who's been visiting and checking it out! Issue #2 is in the works, I'm shooting for a September 9th completion date. I'm currently hammering away at more things than I should be, but Feral Ignition has become a major focus for me. The current plans are: more art, website, and eventually merchandise of some kind. Till September rolls around, I'll be posting random production things I hope you'll enjoy.

If anyone's interested in another comic I've been working on called Brave the Fortress, check out bravethefortress.com! I'm still hitting the CSS coding with a stick, so you can be entertained by the site constantly being in a state of flux ;P This is just a one-shot for now, updated every Monday and Thursday!