Title Page, Chapter One: Hero, Wake Up

Kaeoz Crimson on Aug. 13, 2010

Well, here it begins, my story. Well, not MY story, but one of the stories that I know. MY story would begin with me, Strong Bad, Doctor McNinja, Axe Cop, Max Facepuncher, Lothar Hex, Schlock, Bun-Bun, Norman Gates, and Belkar Bitterleaf in an epic battle that would last all of one page, as a single page of such unbridled badassedness would be awesome enough to destroy the internet within seconds, if not the entire universe, and I don't want that. Not yet, anyways. Anyhow, this is the story of this guy here, and he's pretty awesome himself, in his own way. Well, he's asleep right now, but when he wakes, it won't be too long before awesome stuff starts happening. Mind you, this is just here while my partner in crime and I finish the color version and a minor buffer of pages so we can try to keep from having a schedule slip. After all, we'd hate to force you guys to wait just because someone got sick, or something like that. So, get yourselves ready, because in a very short amount of time, the games will begin.