Happy Halloween!

PandaChaosProduction on Oct. 29, 2007

No worries! I'm still around and I'm not giving up on FEP.

Anyhoot, this is a little Halloween filler for ya'll.

As you may have noticed, we like zombies round these parts.

So here's Beck as a zombie. It KINDA looks like he has herpes on one side of his face, so I like to think he was bitten by a zombie prostitute. :D

I had fun doing this one. Wee!

I hope all of you have fun tomorrow, and be safe. As for me, I'll be passing out candy to the kiddies. Instead of putting razor blades in apples or anything, I thought I'd just hand out porn with every snickers bar.

…KIDDING! (*cough*butIwantto*cough*)

Corrupt ‘em while they’re young, I always say.