FireDream on June 24, 2007

Can't be on a hiatus is you haven't started yet ne?

Here's the deal; I haven't been able to work on any pages let alone the title page due to school. Also, I've been redesigning most of my characters, not their names, just the way they look and I've got everyone I need down pat for the first part of the story.

But, school is over for me now. So I have time to draw. But, its ironic I know. I have a title page almost ready for the comic that I've worked on the least, Forget Me Not. What I really want to do for this is get character pages up, and info pages, and fan art pages. But I am a beginner at html so I can't do anything. Anyways, this is KodaFire, he's already got quite a fan base amongst my friends. Hope to have the title page up soon.

Edit: Oh man. I fail. This looks so bad now xD My art's improved so much since then, but I want to improve it a little more before actually starting.