essarr on Aug. 22, 2006

Yeah… this is actually a true story thing that happened today. Well, technically yesterday since today's already tomorrow… errr. Yeah anyway! Lol. I worked on this page the WHOLE day. The whole sketching, lineart-ing and colouring. Damn my hand hurts… So there you have it! The intro to Freaky High!


Oh, right! I need to introduce myself!
I'm known as “Essarr” I was formally known as “Samrin” here at DD before with a comic called “The Way It Is” (TWII) I don't know if any of you remember it. It's just… well semi-permanently dead at the moment. Major writer's block for Khay. So anyway! Yeah, for those who noticed that the style is different, is because well, MintyFreak doesn't really like anime. So I altered my style to suit our comic to both our likings. This was inspired by Tim Burton and Kirby aka Ziggy (an old DA friend of mine) as well as from Clone High!
They're awesome. And of course I still put in a bit of my own in, besides this was created in Grade 8. We just got a stable storyline (if you want to call it that lol) now. So… Yeah! And that's true… I said I'd started FH soon but I always end up not– but I FINALLY got to it. Gah! XD

So anyway! I'll leave you all with that! I think I need to fix something in the dialogue… but it's 2:45 am right now… so I'll do that tomor– errr later today hahaha. I also might make the page bigger… I'll see about that one. MintyFreak doesn't know I finished yet! I'm gonna surprise her with the link to here! So later guys! Until the next update!


EDIT: I NOTICED I HAVE SOME PHOTOSHOP BOO-BOOS! T_T I'll fix it up soon… after sleep. Sorry!

Okay, I fixed it up a bit! Hopefully it can be read pretty well D:
And I added lyrics! Cause I forgot to last night lol.
On my side it's SID's Chapter 1. On MintyFreak's side it's Avenged Sevenfold's Seize the day. Much love to those two songs!

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Good Charlotte - … themselves hahaha
SID - themselves xP (that's my jrock band over there =D)
Avenged Sevenfold - themselves of course