The reluctant vampire page1

gigi on Jan. 18, 2006

Well I guess it's just best to start from the beginning. Huh?

But before I do that I'd like to say how very thrilled I am to know that the Duck has returned and that I am very pleased to once again be a member of this terrific community. I knew you guys could do it!

I've never really been good at keeping up a regular posting schedule but I guess with the new Duck, I have in a way been given a chance to redeem myself and put forth some real effort towards making that my goal. Thats it. I'll make this make new year's resolution. To regularly update FMU here at the duck. This will also give me the chance to redo some pages that over time and the progression of the comic have come to make me twitch every time I see em. So look for new suprises (to our returning readers) in some old pages. And to our new readers, I hope you enjoy our humble, little comic, manga… whatever. :P