018 - END.

Anch0vy on Oct. 14, 2006

Ok, no doubt you red above, GO FISH has come to an unforseen end. I know for most that wont be a suprise, it's been a good week or two since my last update. The reasons for finishing GO FISH are, what I feel, good reasons.

1. The basic plot behind GO FISH was written soon after a nasty split from my ex fioncee, I wasen't a happy bunny and used my art as an outlet, this is what was created. Now it's been a month or two since the split and I'm recovering and moving on with like, and thus I don't want this reminding me of that point in time, plus I'm no longer in the mind-set I was when I created GO FISH originaly.

2. Yes, there is a second reason, and it's because of you guys, being decent enough to comment witht he god honust trutht hat reason 2 excists and I thank you for that. A few people said they liked my style…but not my style of writing. Because of this I'm planning on moving my style into a new comic NOT written by me, I will only be the artist, but the writer I trust tocome up with some decent comics, he's Joe, created of JUD (www.anyfin.com).

Anyway, I'm also looking into developing Ninja Dave (don't ask) into something bigger, and thinkingof uploading all 170+ strips of Life Of TimmY to this account sometime (that'll take some time though XD)

Till then, thankyou all and god damn it Spoonfed, update more! Your comic rocks I wanna see more!