ray104 on July 15, 2007

hi,druckduckers first i want to say sorry for not puting any thing new to the Guytron site i will explain way oh! and i did not get pick for this years comic book chellage guys like homer says DOE!Now back to whay i've been gone from puting nothing new up because i've been drawing my butt off puting togethere the Guyton preview issue that i will be saleing at wwc 2007 thanks to druckduck my Day Dream Production Crew will have a table thanks druckduck you rock!So if you are coming to the chi come to the booth and give me a holla,better yet pick up a copy of guytron preview book which is 16pages full color with skecthes of designs of the Guytron story cast and a poster as will so see u at the con Ray!