Chapter Nine- Page 19

jgib99 on Feb. 6, 2011

Hey Duckies. I hope that everyone had a great weekend. And I hope that you enjoyed the new page.

A little news before I go to the comments. For the next 4 to 5 weeks, I'll only be able to update the comic once a week. I've been doing a lot of overtime at work lately, and I can't keep up with the regular two updates a week. Sorry about that. Everything should be back to normal soon.

Now on to the comments:

Void- Just wait until you see his Super Lollipop and Taffy Attack! XD

ghostrunner- Yeah… I think that you're out $50. Tis truely a shame.

Warpedwenger- The world is sorely lacking in guys (and girls) like that. :D

jerrie, Peipei, Adariel, and Whirlwynd- Thank you much! :D

I'll see you next week for the next update. Thanks for reading How Unfortunate.

Rock On!