After story notes...

Geejay on Sept. 27, 2006

This comic has only eight pages. Please read it from the beginning (Page 1).

This was an 8-page comic I did back in 2003 for submission to an Australian comics publisher for their very first issue of the music-themed comic book anthology called The Ink. I'm not sure if this means anything special but this comic got to be the first comic on the anthology. That means, if you have the book, you wouldn't miss it unless you start reading from the back of the book.

My wife came up with the story idea for this comic. I was getting desperate in thinking of a story that could possibly fit in a comics anthology about music. I mean, it's a comic book. How can it have a music theme? Anyway, Raquel was able to come up with the basic idea for this and I wrote the actual comic story from that.

I did this comic back in the day when I was still willing to ink pages as you can tell. It certainly took a bit longer to do than if I just had to draw entirely with pencils. Anyway, I still made the whole thing in a week and a half at nights when I get home from work, if I remember correctly.

Fortunately (and obviously), I was able to finish it in time to make it in the anthology. Although I didn't get paid for doing it, it was still an opportunity to get some Australian comics industry exposure.

Up to now, I think they're still selling reprints of the first issue of The Ink along with its couple more succeeding issues. At least, my work is getting distributed out there.