Issue #1 page 20: A new table lamp

Author notes

Issue #1 page 20: A new table lamp


Our mysterious movie producer turns out to have quite a healing factor. She also has a certain body disposing pot plant that you Molly Lusc readers here may recognice. And apparantly she also got a new–table–lamp?

Been ill, fatigued and depressed lately (hence why my last sunday poem got a bit gloomy). It's my ulcerus colitis (don't google it) that has been having a relapse I guess you can call it, so I've been on the phone with the hospital and leaving tests, increased the dose of my medicine and now I've been put on a 8 week cortisone treatment. I'm feeling better already, I think.

Anyway, in this page I decided to go with the color scheme I used in the FYC I made for the DD awards, hence why Zoey's hair is now a lot redder. Just letting you know what's up and we'll see what will pop up next week. Til' next time.


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