innocence of youth page 2

wind on March 23, 2009

Hey guys I got another update in. Like I said Im not going to be coloring every single effing page. I'll just stick to the cover page first and maybe gorey pages. If thats the case then I think I'll end up changing the rating. I think blood is ok in some cases maybe the rules are different hear. :C?

Sorry I have been gone for a while I made a new account on my computer and I couldn't remember my password so I finally requested a new password for this account. I made a new youtube acount to considering youtube never sent my original account password so I can't sign on it. I did make a new one though and updates for my comic “innocence of youth” will be pose pond until april 7. Why you ask for such a long wait? Its because my mom ordered me a new scanner disk for my scanner and I bought ink for my printer as well. So anything newly updated will be drawn by my hands. I don't really like drawing with a tablet so much. :/ I'm just to used to drawing with hands. I will also be trying to improve my art skills I'll be teaching myself human anatomy until my summer art school starts. I'll be referencing clips from magazines. I think it'll help I mean their are so many posses and so many different shapes and sizes I think it'll be a good opportunity for me. I never liked my schools art classes I was graded on my work and that brought down my self esteem. Even the art school I talked to said that kids or teenagers who are starting out should not be graded on the artwork but more of the details. I always got an 80 though even it the drawings were the most pathetic pieces of shit I have ever drawn in my life. Apparently my realistic drawings look to much like anime. What the fuck even my friends thought that they looked realistic. God I HATE some art teachers. -sighs- On a side note everythings been going good home life isn't so bad my mom isn't yelling constantly. I kind of blame my self. First I walked up the stairs with dirty shoes yeah don't do that, secondly I used her beach towel which cost 60$. Who spends that much money on a towel? Apparently my mom does. :/