Episode 3

n_y_japlander on July 13, 2008

I can not believe I finished 2 of the 4 movies!!!
Now comes crunch time!!! Every no working waking moment will be spent on the creation of the final 2 movies and credits…

as some one asked… why is the first movies episode 3?
My 50th comic would be episode 1, so if you missed it click the link to see it!!

Now for the link!!
click the title to go to the download host Episode 3
and if you still have not seen it Episode 2 is still up… watch episode 2 first… this aint Star Wars… I stay in numerical order!

There are many cameos in this one…
I hope all enjoy!!!!
Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

(-_-) p.s. - I'm not a flash master so don't hope for too much!!

If anyone has any downloading problems, please let me know, I can mail the movies to you…