Cover: Kaeko's Adventure

Kaeko on Aug. 20, 2008

:D well, long back in i'm guessing 2004 I was a part of a oekaki called TA. I met so many cool people there, and hey! Even they are here on FA! :3

Well, when I dream, I dream of adventures. In this adventure, it involved a few people i knew off of TA and made an awesome story. I couldnt draw well with a mouse back then. eh. Well regardless, I talked with yaiba about our ole TA days and he mentioned remembering the dream i had :D

I couldn't believe it x3 so we were talking and I decided to try and pull together a mini comic ^___^

Scene: Kaeko and Goju are scaling out the grounds of an old prison. But I wonder why? p.s. I suck at Backgrounds, not gonna try unless I have too

Goju to yaiba
Kaeko to kaeko