Kloteck Omen p.11

kahvie on June 3, 2007

Why is it that I always finish these pages after midnight? This one was finished just before 4 am. Thats a record for me.

There's that sketchy shading like in the first page that I said I'd bring back every once in a while. Whoo. Obviously, I changed the speech bubbles as well, as a lot of people were saying that they couldn't read the papyrus text. The style of the speech bubbles is also a bit more simple now, since the blue with the sketchy border was just distracting.

Anyway…I know these pages aren't great, but hey, I'm doing this for fun. I'm also sure I had some big speech thingy to write here, but I obviously forgot. Boo:C. As an added note, action will pick up again in the next page, so I'm going to try and get that done before the end of this month.