A Prickly Pickle (Part 3)

KDog on April 1, 2018

It didn't hit me until after I wrote it, but I think this comic is based on an event I actually witnessed. I was walking along the beach and spotted a fisherman working on the wet sand to unhook a small, fat shark from his line. He had been out a little ways in his kayak and mistakenly caught the shark, but couldn't safely unhook it at sea. So he brought the shark back onto the beach where he successfully removed the hook. Somehow, the fisherman avoided getting bitten. Then he scooped the shark up in his arms and ran out into the water, where he let the little beast swim off to freedom. I was both amazed at the effort made to help the shark, and a little concerned that a shark of that size could easily be hanging around where I swim.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.