TheTopHat on Nov. 4, 2008

Holy crap! its a new page! i know hard to belive is it not but the voodoo king got round to bringing me back. With isn't bad though im craving brains…

Will try and update more know!!!

man in black - thanks, and ues i had been waching far to must narto when i did this quote the head band.

TheMidge28 - ta, you right though in the fact that my way off drwing isn't really manga-ist. even if its what ive been wacthing!

Gearmaster Owen - Just no. We need a gaint robot with a katana. God.

FReddySHawne - Glad you like it, secdon time i had to do it becuse my computer broke!

Anyhow thanks for reading everone - hope to here from you all agin