375 - I'm Free

Eduds on Jan. 10, 2010

Don't you love when your favourite show ends in a cliffhanger? Just like in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, I mean, what happened to Mary Jane? Is she dead? Is she alive?… stupid producers…

Anyway, rants aside, it's milestone time, that means this is the last strip I'll do in this style. In the other words, Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed is over.

But don't be sad, angry, or start using drugs, because that means I'll start to work on the remake, The New Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed, with new sprites and fixed grammar.

And uptades on the new LMDE will be more irregular, that means I may post like 5 strips or more in a day.

I won't delete this comic, I'll probably use it to post any kind of fillers. But the next update here will be the announcement that the New LMDE has started.

Thanks for reading my comic, see you on the remake… oh, and on January 8th this comic did 3 years old… man, what a milestone this is.

See ya!