A new challenger.

dpat57 on March 3, 2018

Battle Lord Kobayachi (Behemoth Combat Model B-1), Humaniform John, Dutch, Raglan.

Where we've got to: Inexplicably, Mars's gravity has been steadily increasing, which has placed the Martian colonists, physically weakened over a prolonged period by Mars's lower gravity, in grave danger. If it doesn't stop soon, Mars will have to be evacuated.
Lunacorp Special Projects director Colonel Duncan Raglan and U.N. Space Marine Dutch Cornelisen—an unlikely pairing given recent hostilities between Lunacorp and Earth— have flown a Lunacorp swingwing down into a twisting network of tunnels and caverns deep beneath Mars's surface. There they discovered a miniature sun blazing above a molten lava sea, adding mass to Mars's core and causing the gravitational increases.
Raglan landed the swingwing on an island in the middle of the lava sea and they entered a man-made—or robot-made?—structure. Inside they encountered a behemoth: the legendary giant combat robot, Battle Lord Kobayachi, which has switched to combat mode and grabbed Raglan, identifying him as a challenger. Humaniform robot John has appeared and clearly regards Raglan and Dutch as interfering intruders, but when Dutch tells him that The Creator, Lucius van Kyne, is dead, John's attitude changes….

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