Blark's Other Secret

krulz133 on May 20, 2008

Not the best, I admit (I am still waiting for that GIO - Genious Idea Outbreak), but definitely a lot better than most comic strips in the newspaper. Honestly, a lot of them are losing their humour. Even the Archie comics are getting retardedly dumb now … or is it just because I've grown out of that stage? Oh well …

In the meanwhile, I hope this strip will suffice. I know I've deprived you guys of this snotty godness for well over a month, but bear with me while I get my life rolling again. Personal issues, major decisions and social deprivation has played a role in my slow updates, but things are quickly catching up and improving. I can't promise constant updates for a while, but at least I'm not suddenly deciding to quit MMM BooGrrs because that would just be tragic. Like discovering that you're pregnant, or that you've gained 20 pounds. Or something like that.